I was recently tasked with creating a small deployment to host a single virtual machine at a customer site. The purpose of the virtual machine was to provide us with remote access to a specific customer resource that was otherwise unavailable to us. The deployment consisted of two physical machines running as Proxmox hypervisors (node-1

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Wifi Woes

Home Wifi: Enterprise equipment required Up until a little over 6 months ago, my home wifi network was terrible.  Which is a sad, sad admission considering I’m an IT Professional.  My access point needed to be rebooted almost once a week, and on top of that, reception in certain areas of my house was just

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I’ve begun integrating the solar pump into the home automation system running in my house (Home-Assistant) using the MySensors platform.  The goal is to be able to control the pump via Home-Assistant, and have Home-Assistant automatically water the garden when needed. So far, I’ve setup a MySensors Gateway, connected it to my Home-Assistant instance, and created a

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I love my Hue lights… mostly. Sometimes they need a little persuasion when turning them off, and they could be a little brighter. My biggest issue though, is that they were designed to turn themselves on after losing power. That means that after a power outage all of your hue lights will be on, possibly

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I had a conundrum.  I was making unnecessary trips down three and a half flights of stairs only to turn around, make the return trip, wait a while, and do it all again.  I could never tell when communal laundry space was in use, nor could I tell whether or not the washer or dryer

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