Status Update

I’ve spent the past two evenings hammering WordPress and Apache into shape, which has been a new experience for me.  There were two items that were giving me some frustration; permalinks and SSL.  My issue with the permalink structure was that whenever I changed it to something other than the default, all links to posts led to a “404” page.  After some messing around with the .htaccess file and it’s associated permissions, I finally realized that I didn’t have the rewrite module enabled in apache.  A newbie mistake, but I sure felt like half an idiot after I realized that was the problem.  The SSL issue, again, was an oversight on my part and had nothing to do with my configuration of apache.  It had everything to do with my split domain DNS settings and firewall configuration.

All in all, everything now seems to be working as I expect it should.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more customizations soon.

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